Motorcycle Oil Filters

Oil is the lifeblood of the internal combustion engine. In 2-stroke engines, oil and fuel are mixed together and this concoction is used to not only fuel the engine, but also for cooling and lubrication. In 4-stroke engines, the oil is kept separate from the fuel in the crankcase and is used only for lubrication of the engine internals and light cooling. The explosions that take place inside the combustion chamber, plus overspray of unused fuel, and the carbon bits that form from combustion, will eventually make their way into the oil reserve in the crankcase and cause contamination. Thermal breakdown and carbon contamination is what causes engine oil to go bad. The oil eventually loses its lubricating properties and becomes acidic as pH levels change. That’s why it’s important to change the oil on a regular basis according to vehicle useage. One of the ways oil life is extended is through the use of an oil filter, which separates the tiny particles of contaminants and dirt from the oil that flows through the crankcase and coats the moving parts such as the crank and the pistons. As the oil filter catches more and more debris, its usefulness becomes reduced and will eventually be in need of replacing. Oil filters must be changed as often as the oil itself and always in the same job. There are countless brands of oil filters promising better performance than the others but K&N is a proven leader in filter technology for motorsports, passenger vehicles and powersports machines such as motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. K&N oil filters use synthetic media that flows more efficiently and traps more particulate than traditional pleated paper material. K&N makes cartridge style oil filters and canister oil filters for a wide variety of domestic, European, and Japanese motorcycles and HQ Powersports is proud to be a K&N retailer. Browse our massive online inventory and find the best oil filter for your motorcycle.