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The invention of the motor car in the late 19th century allowed for humans to travel greater distances more efficiently and safer than ever before. However, they were still subject to the unavoidable hazards of nature and the changing seasons. The harshness of the Winter, in particular, was one such challenge that often hindered travel (and continues to do so today) but in 1935, French-Canadian inventor Joseph Bombardier successfully built and tested the first snowmobile. Early snowmobiles were converted from car chassis to give them enhanced maneuverability through the thick slush, heavy snow, and slick ice. The modern snowmobile’s development came from not just one mind and one vision but through an evolutionary process of many different vehicle types over the years. The transition from converted cars to motorized sleds and, ultimately, the modern ride-on open cockpit type we see today. Joseph Bombardier is considered the father of the modern snowmobile and in the 1960s, his refined version opened a brand new market where competitors were anxious to join and thus improved upon the design with various innovations and groundbreaking new features in the following years. Today’s snowmobile market is dominated by 4 North American manufacturers: Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP and the BRP brands Ski-Doo and Lynx), Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Polaris. Other famous names include AD Boivin (makers of Snow Hawk), Europe’s Alpina brand, and Japanese powersports vehicle giant Yamaha. HQ Powersports is a specialized retailer of high quality aftermarket powersports parts for recreational and utility vehicles. We cover classic and late-model motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, and personal watercraft. HQ Powersports is where to find snowmobile parts quick and easy at the best possible price. Search for snowmobile batteries for sale, snowmobile alternators, snowmobile ignition coils, K&N snowmobile oil filters, starters for snowmobiles, and components to repair snowmobile ignition systems.