Motorcycle Starters

Electric starters for motorcycles replace the old-fashioned kickstart which required the rider to stomp, or “kick”, the kick stroke lever. This physical activity replaced the old-fashioned method of hand-cranking the engine which was, literally, turning the crankshaft by hand in order to get the initiate ignition. Most modern bikes (especially, sport bikes and super sport racers) have eliminated the kickstart in favor of the more current electric starter, but there are still some vintage holdovers such is the case for custom choppers and old-school enthusiasts. Electric motorcycle starters also go hand-in-hand with another contemporary feature: electronic fuel injection. Harley-Davidson was one of the last to adopt this technology when they finally went to fuel injection in 2007. The electric starter was invented as a convenience, but has since gone on to become a standard feature on just about all of today’s motorcycles from major manufacturers. Because a starter motor is subjected to high levels of physical wear and tear through regular use, it is often the cause of many a problem related to rough starting or no-start situations. Keep in mind that sometimes, a bad starter solenoid or dead starter relay can render a starter useless. This part of the starter can be replaced, this eliminating the need for an entirely new starter. However, if it has been determined that the whole starter unit has failed, shop HQ Powersports for brand new, aftermarket, replacement starter motors on sale that meet or exceed OEM specifications. We stock a various array of replacement 12 volt starters, starter motors, starter and battery kits, and starter drive and solenoid kits for motorcycles, touring bikes, dirt bikes, and sports bikes by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Suzuki, Triumph, Indian, and other popular 2-wheel brands.