K&N Snowmobile Oil Filters

K&N Engineering is the brainchild of Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald. Ken and Norm, the ‘K’ and ‘N’ in the K&N name, were motorcycle and motorcycle parts dealers based in Riverside, California during the early 1960s. They supported a large K&N factory race team and in 1969, they invented their first reusable high flow air filter. Using medical-quality cotton gauze as opposed to traditional paper filter media, their new air filter trapped more particulates and contaminants and flowed at much higher rates than standard OEM-type filters. This new high-performance filter became the focal point of the company and was the starting point for the rest of K&N’s product lineup. K&N became famous in the automotive world for their revolutionary bolt-on cold air intakes that free up more horsepower and torque from the restrictive stock system. The company evolved and branched out in developing oil filters, both spin-on and cartridge type, and were designed and engineered with the same high-performance goals in mind as the air filters that came before them. Today, K&N Engineering has over 5,000 products designed for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other powersports vehicles, and power equipment engines. K&N filters can be found in everything from regular passenger vehicles to heavy-duty industrial machines and commercial construction and agricultural equipment. K&N continues to be heavily involved in motorsports and racing, which is exactly where the original K&N mission began. HQ Powersports is a proud retailer of K&N oil filters for snowmobiles and other powersports vehicles. Our extensive selection of K&N snowmobile oil filters are created to meet and exceed OEM performance without voiding the original manufacturer’s warranty. Shop online for K&N oil filters and K&N cartridge oil filters at HQ Powersports.