Motorcycle Ignition Coils

The ignition coil is what sends the spark to the spark plug which, in turn, ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber and allows for the engine to make power. This is the case for any petroleum-fueled internal combustion engine. When an ignition coil goes bad or fails completely, the associated problems can manifest themselves in a slew of drivability problems: rough idle, sputtering, uneven flow of power, difficulty starting or hard starting, misfiring, backfiring, loss of fuel economy, and--the most telling sign--loss of power. Ignition coils in cars are typically shielded from the environments because the engine is enclosed under the hood or inside the vehicle (in mid-engine or rear-engine cars). Motorcycles, in comparison, have their engines and ignition systems exposed, which can raise the potential for damage sustained through ordinary driving. A fairing can help protect these components from the elements and from miscellaneous road debris, but most bikes, especially road touring bikes, tend to not use them. If you suspect that your ignition coil has gone bad or has died, regardless of whether it came from age or from environmental damage, it can easily be replaced. HQ Powersports is an online retailer of brand new, OEM-spec aftermarket replacement parts for motorcycles. We carry replacement ignition coils and ignition coil packs for Honda motorcycles, Kawasaki motorcycles, and Yamaha motorcycles.