Motorcycle Starter Solenoids

There’s nothing more embarrassing than taking your prized street rod out of storage, washing and polishing it to a shine, getting ready for a cruise out on the open road, going to start and--nothing happens. What could it be? The starter? Maybe. Chances are, it could be the starter solenoid or starter relay, the part that actually does the physical cranking of the engine during ignition. For motorcycles, electric starters began to replace the old-fashioned kickstart during the 1960s. Kickstarting a motorcycle was similar to a ripcord or pull-cord type starter you would find on a lawnmower, a chainsaw, or even a go-kart. Electric starter motors were made as a convenience feature as kickstarting would often take multiple attempts, each one contributing to an increasing amount of frustration on the operator’s part. In ignition systems that utilize an electric starter, the solenoid or starter relay, takes the brunt of the abuse during operation because it is a moving part. When ignition systems fail, the starter is often blamed. Many would be inclined to simply junk the part and replace with a new one, spending more money than necessary. In actuality, the starter motor can be salvaged by replacing only the starter solenoid itself. This is a much quicker and more cost-efficient method of repair with a high rate of success. HQ Powersports is an online retailer that specializes in brand new, aftermarket replacement parts for motorcycles that meet or exceed OEM quality. Browse our immense online inventory and shop for the exact motorcycle starter relay or 12 volt starter solenoid that you need. We carry replacement solenoids for popular domestic and Japanese bikes such as Harley-Davidson, Victory, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.