Snowmobile Alternators

Just as it was for cars during the 1960s, snowmobiles evolved since their humble beginnings and increased their power consumption. The use of automotive-style belt-driven alternators on snowmobiles is rather recent in comparison to other powersports vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs. In 2002, Arctic Cat’s 660 used a Suzuki 3-cylinder engine that was also used for a microcar. Hence, the snowmobile’s electrical system used an automotive grade type and required the use of an alternator as opposed to the standard magneto. Snowmobile alternators have the task of converting energy to charge the battery as well as operating all of the secondary electrical accessories such as headlights and electronic fuel injection. A dead or dying alternator will most certainly put a stop to any planned Winter terrain travel so if you suspect there’s something wrong with your snowmobile alternator output, shop HQ Powersports for replacement alternators for snowmobiles. We carry direct-fit applications for Arctic Cat snowmobiles.