ATV & UTV Ignition Coils

An internal combustion engine transforms heat and thermal power into useable energy.  The ignition system is what delivers the spark to the flammable fuel, causing small explosions inside the engine’s combustion chambers that, in turn, spins the engine to make horsepower and torque.  Engines are complex mechanical devices with many moving internal components that, when they fail, can cause a whole host of difficult-to-diagnose problems.  Quite often, symptoms such as rough idle, knocking, pinging, excessive vibration, and inconsistent burn can be indicative of multiple types of ailments.  But before you go through the trouble of unmounting and tearing apart the engine to inspect its guts, you may wish to check out the ignition system and see if you can root out any malfunctions yourself.  In many cases, if the ignition system has a critical fault, it can soon lead to other catastrophic failures that may not be so simple to remedy.  A failed ignition coil is likely to be the culprit behind lost horsepower, sputtering, and overall poor engine performance.  To replace an ignition coil is relatively easy compared to opening up an engine and having to re-ring pistons or reseat valves in the cylinder head.  If this is the case and you’ve determined that you do, in fact, have a dead ignition coil, HQ Powersports can help.  We stock a multitude of brand new, aftermarket replacement ignition coils that are OEM quality and direct fits for the most popular vintage and late-model ATVs and UTVs by Arctic Cat, Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, and other leading brands.  Find the right aftermarket ATV ignition coil at HQ Powersports.